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FAQ Page

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Unlock Dual Power. Experience the efficiency of managing two wallets seamlessly. Our system allows for the simultaneous operation of two wallets, streamlining your financial control with ease.

Take Control with Manual Deposits: Enjoy the flexibility of making manual deposits. Our platform provides you with the option to manage your transactions according to your preferences.

Easy Withdrawals: Simply navigate to the withdrawal section in your account settings, choose your preferred method, enter the amount, and initiate the withdrawal. Monitor the transaction status in your account history for a seamless experience.

Elevate Your Rank: To upgrade your ranking, actively engage with our platform, participate in designated activities, and meet set criteria. Your progress will be recognized and rewarded as you climb the ranks within our community.

Unlock Rewards Through Referral Levels: Simply refer friends and colleagues to join our platform. As they sign up and engage, you'll progress through referral levels, unlocking exclusive rewards and benefits at each milestone. Watch your network grow, and enjoy the perks of our dynamic Referral Level System.

We strictly enforce a one-account-per-user policy to ensure fair and transparent engagement. Maintaining multiple accounts by a single individual is not permitted to uphold the integrity of our platform and community standards.

We're a more than 1000+ members family, you can join with us with high confident